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Impact Climbing

Square Panel

Square Panel

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Standard 8” offset grid hole pattern.
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Perfect for Adding Dimensions and Personality

​Our 4’x8’ flat modular panels are straightforward designs for individuals and small projects with a budget. The panels are easy to install and attach directly to your wall, meaning they take up next to no space. IMPACT’s modular panels are perfect for school gymnasiums, playgrounds, auditoriums, and homes – and can be installed in a few hours either by maintenance staff, a local contractor, or our team of professionals. These panels can be aligned vertically for roped climbing or horizontally for traversing. All you need is some security mats – which we have as well!

Traverse or Ascend

IMPACT traverse walls are great for young children. Modular climbing wall panels are mounted side-by-side creating an 8’ high horizontal wall. Children can then climb across the wall, allowing for lots of participation and eliminating the need for gear or equipment.

IMPACT’s Vertical walls are lots of fun for older children and adults. Many of our clients use them as additions to middle schools, high schools, small gyms and recreation centers. The 8’ tall panels can be stacked to create up to 34’ of climbing height. We can also provide modular walls of various panel configurations that really “pop” off the wall and add a unique element to this climbing feature.

3-Year Warranty

This warranty covers excessive surface cracking and wearing of the exterior finish, which is defined as cracking of the textured climbing surface that imposes the risk of delamination or pieces of the climbing wall breaking off. Excessive wearing is defined as the wearing of the wall texture surface to the point where an epoxy with texture is breaking off and exposing the wood. It is assumed that the act of rock climbing on this surface will wear some of the aggregate texture off over time, which is not covered under the warranty. The steel structure is also covered under the warranty for three years.