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Impact Climbing

Volumes Anatomy - Scapula Small

Volumes Anatomy - Scapula Small

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Vibrant Colours and Real Wood Finishes

Impact climbing volumes are offered in 11 vibrant colours to match the most popular climbing hold colours in the industry. We can also match any colours so volumes blend seamlessly to your walls. 

Beneath our proprietary Velvet Grip™ or Slip Grip™ surface texture lives beautiful birch woodgrain. We offer 4 real wood finishes to show off the beauty and warmth of real wood climbing volumes: Natural, Provincial, Mahogany and Ebony. 

Quality Materials

Volumes feature the same solid cabinet grade 3/4 inch 13ply birch that we use on Impact climbing walls. Using high-grade materials allows precise mitered cuts to create uniquely complex shapes. 

Concave Washers

To maximize durability for the regular removal and installation of volumes in commercial climbing gyms, we use stainless steel concave washers in the pre-drilled mounting holes to prevent mounting screws from pulling through; a common problem with wooden climbing volumes.

Serviceable T-Mits

High-grade serviceable T-Nuts ensure a long service life for our volumes.

3-Year Warranty

This warranty covers excessive surface cracking and wearing of the exterior finish, which is defined as cracking of the textured climbing surface that imposes the risk of delamination or pieces of the climbing wall breaking off. Excessive wearing is defined as the wearing of the wall texture surface to the point where an epoxy with texture is breaking off and exposing the wood. It is assumed that the act of rock climbing on this surface will wear some of the aggregate texture off over time, which is not covered under the warranty. The steel structure is also covered under the warranty for three years.